About Imse

Sustainable consumption

With over 30 years of experience, Imses produces reliable laundry and reusable hygiene products to meet our customers' everyday needs.

Our history

Imse and Vimse are two separate brands with shared roots and a shared vision - to be part of making sustainable consumption the norm, not the exception. Imse and Vimse offer functional and reusable hygiene products for women and children. In addition, we want to be involved and contribute to increased openness and the spread of knowledge about menstruation and incontinence. The idea for Imse and Vimse was born out of an actual need. When our founder, Marie Walleberg, realized that cotton cloth diapers were the solution for her child's diaper rash, she decided to let more people share the insight. That was the start of what is today Vimse. Since then, reusable sanitary napkins and beauty and cleaning products have been added. They make up Imse. We believe that many choose disposable products for themselves without thinking much about the fact that there are other options. Or that those alternatives have financial as well as health and environmental benefits. We want to change that. Our contribution to that transition is reusable hygiene products. Both brands have in common that we develop products that are both kind to the skin and to the environment. And nice to look at.

Imse - part of Bare Collective

Our wish is for sustainable consumption to be the norm, not the exception. With a focus on functionality and feel, we challenge the industry's range of short-lived disposable products. Imse instead offers functional and reusable hygiene products, developed with great respect for and knowledge of the female body and its needs.