Natural rubber is called natural latex and is produced from the sap (latex) of various plants, mainly the Kautschuk rubber tree. It is more durable than silicone but is not tight and can therefore become porous after a period of use - it can then swell and/or change shape. Rubber also ages from air and sunlight. If you notice that the suction part has bite marks, changed shape, swelled up, or feels sticky, you should change the pacifier. When choosing a soother for your child, it can be useful to know if there is a latex allergy in the family.

We have a wide range of pacifiers with a suction part made of natural latex. You can choose between the Knoppa, Chilla, Classic, and Happy models.

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Shoother Guide

Do you need help choosing a soother? Here you can read our soother guide which explains and helps you with the choice of material, suction part, and soother model. You will also find care advice and other small tips.

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