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The book about our history

The book about ImseVimse's amazing story is now available! Marie Walleberg founded ImseVimse thirty years ago and today we sell products all over the world. But how did it all begin? How did a small Gotland company become an exporter of cloth nappies and period products?

Marie's interest in cloth nappies was sparked by her daughter's persistent nappy rash. A district nurse suggested trying cloth nappies and that became the impetus for ImseVimse. In the thirty years since it was founded, a lot has happened: financial crises, the rise of environmental awareness, Finnish packages and Sverker and the dustbin. There was a wealth of anecdotes to share when the book was being written, and you don't want to miss this story! You can find the book here in our web shop!

Courage, sustainability & care - the book about ImseVimse