Classic newborn

Our smallest version of our Classic soother is perfect as a first soother for newborns up to 2 months of age. This pacifier is hand-assembled in our factory in Lidköping. The pacifier has a soft, anatomically designed suction part that is smaller and adapted for the very smallest. The pacifier is made of durable and high-quality silicone, it is easy to keep clean and does not age or change shape during use. The soother also has a well-adapted shield with a modern hole design that increases airflow and therefore counteracts skin irritation.

Anatomic suction part in silicone

Silicone is a synthetic and completely sealed material. It is not affected by heat, air, or the like. We use silicone of the highest medical grade. However, silicone is not as durable as natural rubber, it breaks more easily if your child chews or bites the soother. Therefore, always check the soother regularly and make sure there are no bite marks on the suction part. Also, pull the suction part to check that nothing is loose or has been bitten off.

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