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Why cloth pads?

For three valid reasons:

  • Cloth pads are gentler on the abdomen

  • Better for the environment

  • Will be significantly cheaper to use in the long run.

Our washable pads are soft and natural menstrual protection that allows the abdomen to breathe and creates a fresh feeling during the period. They are thin, flexible, and sit securely in place, which feels safe. Because they can be reused again and again, they are good for the environment and for your finances.

The health benefits are as numerous as the environmental benefits.

By switching to cloth pads from disposable pads and tampons, you avoid plastics closest to the vulva and perfumes and chemicals that disposable products are often made of. Many women have gratefully reported that they became free of problems such as itching and fungal infections when they switched from disposable pads to cloth pads.

Another advantage is a clear conscience!

The average menstruating person uses about 12,000 – 16,000 disposable pads or tampons in a lifetime, using something just once is not enough! Cloth napkins can be used again and again, which gives big environmental benefits - while saving you a lot of money.


Our various types

  • Classic - Imse's best-seller, our classic pad.

  • Active – Imse's premium pad, extra soft, thin and form-fitting.

  • Buttonless– Why not switch it up and give our buttonless model a go? Perfect for cycling and riding, for example.


How to wash your cloth pads

  • After use, rinse out the pad with water, or rinse it and put it in cold water with salt. Alternatively, you can leave them to dry out before being washed. 

  • Then wash the pads in the washing machine at 60° with your normal detergent. Do not use fabric softener as, not only will this hinder the absorptive function of the pad, it isn’t good for your lady bits either. You may wish to add a little vinegar to the water instead. 

  • Let the pads air dry - they will last longest this way - or put them in the tumble dryer or airing cupboard on a low temperature. In the sunnier months, the pads can be dried outdoors, with the added benefit of the sun helping to naturally lighten any stains.

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