Stories/Care instructions Start, set plate & spoon

Care instructions Start, set plate & spoon

Always clean the components with warm water and mild detergent before using them for the first time. Continue to wash with water and mild detergent. The components are dishwasher safe, but do not tolerate boiling. Avoid sharp objects to prevent the plastic from being scratched. You may want to rinse the pieces immediately to keep them looking their best, as some dishes with strong colours may cause discolouration.

Checklist dinner plate & spoon set

  • Do not heat in a conventional oven.

  • Do not place the plate or spoon on hot surfaces as this will damage the plastic.

  • The plate is microwave safe on low power settings to heat food, but never let it boil.

  • Always check the product before use.

  • Dispose of and replace the product at the first sign of damage or wear.

  • Always check the temperature of the food before feeding your child.

  • Be aware that heating in a microwave oven can result in uneven heat coverage and some areas can have very high temperatures.

  • Don't leave your child unsupervised with a plate and spoon.