We are Bare Collective. Just as in bare, naked, transparent. Collective because we do it together. We are motivated by the belief that what is healthy and good also has commercial power. There is actually more to be gained by thinking sustainably and acting in a circular way, and that sustainable consumption should be the norm, not the exception. Our vision is that together, through the small, everyday actions, we can work towards a greater, shared purpose. For our own future, and that of future generations. We are still far from perfect. We are on a long and exciting journey to reduce our carbon footprint, in everything we do. On this page you can read more about our brands and their commitment to helping you choose the safest, most secure, and sustainable products for you and your child - for a greener planet.



In our commitment to reduce the consumption of resources, Bare Collective offers incredibly durable products and intelligent packaging design. For example, our popular and durable wooden toys can be enjoyed for generations, the cloth pads come with a 10-year warranty and soother manufacturing process, plastic consumption has been reduced by as much as 95%.


We always prioritise multi-use products over ‘wear-and-tear’. As a result, we offer a wide range of reusable and washable products, as well as options such as renting toys for your child instead of buying them. This means that the same toys can bring joy to many children who want to play, again and again.


We strive to offer products of such high quality and design that the inclination to repair the products if broken is high. Instead of throwing away an item, most things can actually be repaired or refurbished, which is a climate-friendly way to save money while helping the planet. Our vision is for sustainable consumption to be the norm, and not the exception.

& Recycle

We promote recycling, most of our packaging is made from recyclable fabric or paper. We've also created a smart initiative for used soothers, where we invite you to send them back to us when they've outlived their usefulness. As a thank you for your recycling efforts, we'll give you a gift voucher which you can use for your next purchase. The used soothers are then crushed, and turned into Optimist dinghies ready to sail on, once donated to sailing clubs nationwide.

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