Stories/Care instructions Easy, spill-free cup

Care instructions Easy, spill-free cup

Prior to initial use, all parts of the cup should be sterilised in boiling water for 5 minutes to ensure hygiene. After use, wash the cup in the usual way. The cup, lid and valve are also dishwasher safe. Make sure the cup does not come into contact with heating elements.

Checklist Easy spill-free cups

  • The cup is suitable for use in a microwave without the lid and valve.

  • After the baby has had a sip, some fluid may collect between the valve and the spout. This fluid (a few drops) can be drained by placing the cup upside down.

  • Carbonated beverages degrade the cup.

  • Check all parts regularly.

  • Do not leave your child unattended with the cup and do not let your child run or walk with the cup.