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Nipple care instructions

The teat part of the feeding bottle is called the nipple. Prior to first use, all nipples should be sterilised in boiling water for five minutes. During normal cleaning: Immediately after use, rinse the nipple with cold water and then simply clean with warm water. The nipples are dishwasher safe, as long as they are not in contact with the heating elements.

Checklist nipple

  • Always check the nipple prior to use. In the event of damage or deterioration, replace it immediately.

  • Always make sure to mix/shake the fluid thoroughly after heating.

  • Always check the temperature of the fluid before you feed your baby.

  • Do not heat the fluid in a sealed bottle.

  • Remove cap, nipple and collar when heating.

  • Prolonged use of sweet liquids can cause dental damage to your child.

  • Do not make holes in the nipple yourself but purchase the most suitable nipple for the intended purpose.